Edwin Urrutia is an entrepreneurial, energetic and wholesome individual. He recently formed EUKU Ventures to share the wealth of knowledge he has gained from building e-commerce and service businesses with new entrepreneurs who are looking to solve growth challenges.

Edwin started his career at an investment bank. After a few years, every junior investment banker needs to decide whether he or she will remain on the path to becoming a trusted advisor or take his or her expertise and embark on a new journey. Entrepreneurial at heart, Edwin chose the latter. For a while, Edwin followed the biopharmaceutical industry independently and wrote (or tweeted) about various companies. After sharing his findings on various online communities Edwin decided to work at a biotechnology company before co-founding a new venture. Edwin embraced the opportunity to link talent with opportunity in an effort to build a leading biopharmaceutical company from scratch.

In his (limited) spare time, Edwin avidly reads biographies, and can be found roaming NYC’s East Village where he dabbles (heavily) in Mexican food.

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